Light Gauge Bending (0.55mm – 1.2mm)

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A&A Flashings fabricates custom products for clients in the roofing, aluminium windows, ventilation and many other industries. We can accomodate commercial builders to homeowners and DIY renovators. At A&A Flashings, we are the number one choice for custom fabricated flashings of every type, offering a high-quality, custom product at affordable prices.

We offer a wide selection of flashing types for every need, such as:

  • Barrage capping
  • Ridge capping
  • Box gutter
  • Aprons
  • Tapered flashings
  • Up to 1.2mm thickness

Flashings are also available in such materials as:

  • Coloured steel or Zinc: The wide majority of our flashings
  • Aluminum: commercial or domestic windows and ventilation industry
  • Stainless steel: Ideal for coastline-located commercial and domestic clients
  • Brass or copper: Tailored for use by window and door manufacturers

Bending Services

A&A Flashings offer high-quality light gauge sheet metal bending services to all our clients. Our machines have a bending capacity from 0.55mm to 1.2mm in thickness. We produce custom products based on customers’ own specifications and diagrams/dimensions.

Other Sheet Metal Products

Besides our flashings, we can produce other sheet metal and rainwater products, including:

  • Rainwater heads
  • Sumps
  • Tanks
  • Louvers
  • Standard or non standard downpipes
  • And more
Light Gauge Bending (0.55mm)
Light Gauge Bending (0.55mm)